Rev up your wholesale parts sales, retention strategies, and customer engagement! Prepare for a wave of new tools designed specifically to supercharge growth and retention in your parts business in 2024. We’re thrilled to offer a sneak peek into the upcoming lineup of innovative parts solutions set to launch this year from Lexus Wholesale Parts and our cutting-edge technology partners.

New OEC Service Delivers Turnkey Wholesale Parts Retention Marketing

Aptly named “OEC eMarketing”, this new service helps improve wholesale customer retention by sending personalized emails from your dealership to your wholesale customers based on each shop’s buying behavior. The solution empowers you to consistently and automatically engage with current customers and re-engage with dormant customers without staff involvement.

OEC eMarketing leverages RepairLink eCommerce data to build and segment your target audience list. It gathers recipients from the RepairLink buyers who have selected your dealership as their primary dealership. Whether these shops are current clients, dormant “at-risk” customers, or prospects, they have proactively linked themselves to your dealership, indicating their desire to do business with you. From a marketing perspective, these shops are considered to be your “low-hanging fruit”.

The eMarketing solution automatically initiates and performs one campaign monthly, sending professionally created emails directly to the parts decision makers. The emails appear to come directly from your dealership. You’ll also receive regular ROI reports based upon automatic match back to RepairLink parts sales data specific to each monthly campaign. These reports allow you to see campaign success over time by tracking lift over a cumulative rolling 12-month period.

“In today’s market, we hear from our dealer clients that they are extremely busy and need simple, technology-driven solutions to reach their growth goals. OEC eMarketing provides a turnkey, fully automated marketing solution to increase their wholesale parts business and retain their client base.”

Deb Reese
Director, Product / Business Intelligence

Powerful Plans For Lexus Wholesale Parts Hub launched in August 2023 and has been met with rave reviews. Lexus dealer parts professionals nationwide are praising the site for its intuitive navigation, easy-to-use marketing tools, and robust parts business resources.

But that was only the beginning! These are enhancements coming soon on the Hub you can look forward to in 2024:

Expanded Ready-to-Go Marketing Ads and Dealer Ad Builder Templates

  • Lexus will add more parts advertisements, including high-volume collision parts, to your advertising gallery.

Updated Application Charts

  • Quickly access the most current Lexus Application Charts in the Hub’s Resources section.

More Best Practices

  • The Hub includes Best Practices from Lexus headquarters, Technology Partners, and Lexus Dealers. Submit your Best Practice to your Area Manager for consideration.

Stay tuned as Lexus unveils new Hub enhancements, including expanded marketing ads, updated application charts, and more best practices – just the beginning of what’s to come!

More From Lexus Wholesale Parts Technology Partners

2024 promises to bring even more exciting tools and enhancements from your Lexus Technology Partners. Look for improved efficiencies, smart integrations, and continuous improvement in all areas. No crystal ball needed—keep an eye on Lexus WIN for product announcements and news.

“2023 marked a record-breaking year for Lexus Genuine Parts sales, thanks in part to the dealers’ dedicated focus on the wholesale parts segment. As we anticipate greater success in 2024, we encourage every dealer to actively engage in wholesale activities by creating and executing a work plan. A straightforward yet powerful approach to growing your business is to establish purchasing relationships with one new Collision Center buyer and one new Independent Repair Facility buyer from your dealership, both of whom were not customers in 2023. Our supplier partner platforms are equipped to streamline this process and make business growth easily achievable!”

—Kathy Wachs
Lexus Parts Sales Operations Manager
Lexus Guest Experience

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