Whether you’re a seasoned Lexus Wholesale Parts Manager or just starting to grow your wholesale parts business, looking for potential new accounts is essential to building your business. It begins with understanding your market and following a process to win new accounts.

Your Independent Repair Facility (IRF) List

Your first step in determining potential new accounts is to identify your “low-hanging fruit,” those shops in your market area but not buying from you. The Lexus ServiceView system provides an up-to-date list of IRFs in your PMA to help you target those opportunities. Accessing it is easy — follow these steps:

  1. Login to ServiceView from the Dealer Daily Service tab using your Lexus Single-Sign-On.
  2. Click on the menu button (hamburger icon) in the upper left corner to display the list of ServiceView modules and select Customer List.
  1. Next, click on the IRF List tab to access the list generator.
  1. You will only see facilities in your PMA. To segment your targeted list, apply filters (such as IRF Type, Distance from Dealership, and Sales Volume) and click “Next.”
  2. Review the IRF Preview list, then click “Next.”
  3. A User Agreement will then display. Once you have read it and scrolled to the bottom, click the Agree box and click “Next.”
  4. Your IRF List Download screen will then appear.

You will see two options: “Send to Marketing Agency” will send your complete list directly to RAPP, who will generate your direct mail campaign. “Download” will save your list to your desktop, where you can do further analysis. Either choice provides excellent options, depending on what your strategy is!


What happens when you click “Send to Marketing Agency” when generating your IRF List? You’ll connect directly with our marketing agency, RAPP, through our Automotive Marketing Platform (AMP). There, you’ll access the new Lexus Engage Evolution program, which now includes a customizable Lexus Wholesale Parts direct mail piece in its on-demand communications library.

“The reimagination of Lexus Engage empowers our dealers to communicate with guests as dealers continue to personalize and elevate the Guest Experience.  Dealers can reach their wholesale guests and grow their wholesale parts business using the optional features of Lexus Engage and the IRF lists available to them in ServiceView.”

Lauren Lamb
Service Marketing & Owner Retention Manager 
Lexus Guest Experience

Only dealers who are enrolled in the Engage program will be able to access the AMP platform. This next generation of the program includes a core set of Lexus-funded lifecycle communications, as well as dealer funded, on-demand pieces that complement the National program and expand your reach. For information or to enroll in Engage, please contact AMPCommentsLexus@rapp.com

Most dealers choose to initiate their campaign through their Field Operations Specialist (FOS), who will handle every step of your campaign. Please note that campaigns generated through RAPP are direct mail only. RAPP will send the piece to all IRFs in your PMA, based on the filters you selected. It’s an efficient and effective way to get the word out to IRFs in your market area.

Working with Your IRF List

Suppose you want to target only those IRFs not currently doing business with you. Your best option is to Download your IRF list from ServiceView and compare that list to your sales reports.

The ServiceView IRF List only presents the facility name and address — it does not include the phone number or email address. This is where your internal reporting system comes into play. Your Lexus Technology Partner can guide you in finding the correct reports to use.

Communicating Value

Once you have whittled down your IRF List to include only those prospects with whom you are not doing business, and you have appended phone number and email address, you can form your communication strategy and next steps. The key is communicating the value of buying Lexus Genuine Parts from your dealership. 

Here are some of the options you may consider:

Targeted Email Campaign

Email is an efficient, effective, and budget-friendly way to reach your prospects. Personalizing your email with the prospect’s name and other pertinent information will help increase engagement. Your dealership’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system may provide easy tools to create custom emails to your list.

Prospecting Phone Calls

You should establish a personal connection with your prospect right away. This is where a phone campaign comes in. Before you begin, map out a script to keep you on track and have personal information handy for each contact. This information allows you to demonstrate omonetashi—anticipatory hospitality and shows your prospect the Lexus way of building and keeping relationships.

Wholesale Parts Open House

An ideal way of showing your prospects the benefits of doing business with your dealership is to conduct an open house or customer appreciation event. The story “GENERATE AND EXPAND NEW BUSINESS” in this issue of Lexus WIN gives you complete guidance in running an event.

No matter which communication strategy you choose, communicating value is your objective. Most prospects already know that Lexus Genuine Parts are unrivaled in quality, fit, reliability, and durability. Use this opportunity to focus on your differentiators and be sure to cover the following topics:

Right Part, Right Time

Stress your parts availability and delivery options. In doing so, show your prospect how their satisfaction is your number one goal.

Systems and Partners

Showcase your Lexus Technology Partners and how working with them will help the IRF to expedite orders and realize the most competitive pricing. This should include showing them how these systems can help them leverage Lexus-sponsored discounts.

Relationships and Expertise

What makes you distinctive? Your relationship and product expertise is your most significant differentiator. When an IRF chooses to do business with you, they are not just buying a part—they have access to your expertise in ensuring the highest quality repair and advice on delivering the Lexus Guest experience.

Deliver Omonetashi with Follow Up

Whether your chosen communication is through email, direct mail, phone, or live event, follow-up is essential. Follow up within one week of initial contact. Follow-up should be personalized; a phone call is likely your best channel. Remember the principles of omonetashi in delivering a Lexus guest experience every step of the way.

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