Lexus is proud to share its recent collaboration with CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc. and its web-based software solution, CCC ONE. Lexus dealers can now seamlessly interact with collision repair facilities, streamlining the estimating process. This integration makes crucial information available to your team, simplifying parts ordering and contributing to error reduction and faster turnaround times.

“Lexus is excited to welcome CCC into our Wholesale Parts Program portfolio. With their extensive experience, CCC will empower our Lexus dealerships to elevate their business to new heights.
This partnership has been eagerly requested by our Parts Managers. CCC’s robust platform is set to revolutionize the collision repair process, bringing increased productivity, data-driven decisions, and enhanced customer experiences to repair facilities. We eagerly anticipate the potential for exponential growth that this opportunity presents.”

Rob McPhail
Lexus Wholesale Parts, Sr. Analyst


CCC ONE provides comprehensive guidance to collision repair facilities throughout the estimating process. It significantly enhances productivity by automatically populating line items and offering valuable tips. This powerful tool grants users access to essential data, further streamlining their operations.

More CCC benefits:

  • When Lexus dealers subscribe to CCC Parts, it allows collision repair facilities to source parts from your Lexus dealership and provide real-time pricing and availability.
  • Collision repair facilities can write estimates from anywhere. CCC ONE works with any web-enabled tablet or PC, including iPads and Android tablets.
  • Seamless collaboration connects collision repair facilities, Lexus dealers, and insurance companies to accelerate estimate reviews and supplement requests.


CCC also offers CCC Promote to help Lexus dealers to expand their footprint and increase wholesale parts sales. CCC Promote allows Lexus dealers to provide promotional pricing that shows up in CCC ONE to the collision repair facilities. Then, Lexus supports you, our Lexus dealers, with corresponding rebates to make you whole on your margin.

In addition, CCC Promote provides you with additional, comprehensive tools that empower dealerships to achieve their wholesale sales goals through various means. This platform facilitates the sourcing of new repairers and thorough audit and analysis of performance data. Furthermore, it provides access to reports on key metrics for actionable insights, including industry and network benchmarks. CCC can also help by sending invitations, bulletins, position statements, or procedural updates to some or all the collision repair facilities in your network.


Communication is the cornerstone of success. In the not-too-distant past, repair facilities followed a traditional workflow: writing up the repair and then calling or faxing the estimate to the dealership for ordering parts. However, such a method no longer satisfies today’s estimators.

Today’s estimators have become accustomed to the seamless experience provided by platforms like Amazon when making purchases. Collision repair facilities now seek that same level of accessibility and service. Consider CCC the hub that brings everyone together in real time as CCC’s system simultaneously checks for parts availability at your dealership.

“At CCC, we have found that when collision repair facilities order parts electronically through CCC ONE, they tend to buy more OE parts than they would otherwise. It’s easier to add on the OE clips or buy the factory door molding from a Lexus dealer rather than buying from another source with separate delivery.”

Stephen Dann
Director of Business Development, CCC.

Collision repair facilities often choose CCC ONE because they can access Lexus Genuine Parts at a competitive or lower price than the comparable aftermarket part. This particularly helps when the repair facility works on an older Lexus model. The insurance company sets the rules for what shops can and cannot install. So, if the headlamp assembly needs to be replaced on a 3-year-old Lexus ES, the insurance company may spec an aftermarket part. But because Lexus parts are competitively priced, the body shop can opt for the Lexus Genuine Part, which may cost the same as the aftermarket option. The repair shop gains confidence in a precise fit the first time around, while the Lexus owner receives a Lexus Genuine Part, perfectly suited for their vehicle.


The quicker a collision repair facility can get a vehicle in and out of its shop, the better. Now that Lexus and CCC are partners, the connection between the collision repair shop, the insurance company, and the Lexus dealers is streamlined so everyone can capture and share information quickly and securely. That means the body shop gets the parts faster, the consumer gets their vehicle back quicker, and your dealership increases your wholesale part sales volume.


CCC has created a special website for Lexus dealers that helps answer any questions you may have, as well as to help you sign up for the program. It’s available at:

At CCC you can:

  1. At CCC you can watch a video that will educate you on CCC Parts to find out what the software can do for your dealership.
  2. Locate the current CCC Parts Dealers URL that directs you to the Promote Authorization Form (only requires your input).

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