Good news! Microcat® PartsBridge and PartsTrader are now integrated, allowing your Lexus Wholesale Parts team to respond to quote requests from shops more quickly and efficiently! The integration includes a brand-new feature, AutoQuote, which automatically responds to quote requests.

This system is seamless and efficient, and that opens up more opportunities for us because it gives us more time to go after new body shops.

—Todd Garrett
Parts Director
Lexus of Chattanooga


Your Independent Repair Facility (IRF) customers will continue to use PartsTrader to order and purchase parts. Once they submit their order to your parts department, that order uploads to PartsBridge, which includes the Lexus Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) as well as access to the Lexus parts rebate system/compensation program. This powerful program helps your Lexus wholesale parts department compete with the aftermarket with Lexus sponsored discounts.

The PartsBridge / PartsTrader system then allows your parts department to respond in one of two ways:

  1. Your parts department reviews the order, completes the request, and submits it back to the collision center for its review and approval.
  2. You can elect to use AutoQuote. When your parts department receives an electronic quote request from a body shop, AutoQuote automatically “scrubs” the parts order, making sure all part numbers are correct. It then checks the VIN to ensure it’s accurate and automatically delivers the completed quote back to the body shop.

Responding to quote requests quickly and accurately is vital, and AutoQuote accelerates that process—it’s automatic and does not require anyone at the dealership to review the quote. Because AutoQuote is “hands-free,” your response time is minimized. And you’ll reap the added benefit of having more time to pursue new business.


The PartsBridge and PartsTrader integration streamlines the parts quoting/ordering process and provides both your parts department and your wholesale customers specific benefits:

  1. The body shop only uses the system that is most familiar to them, PartsTrader.
  2. Your parts personnel use the system that is most familiar to them, PartsBridge.
  3. Both the body shop and your dealership get the benefits of the Lexus EPC with parts scrubbing and validation, ensuring faster, more accurate order processing with fewer returns. And, with Lexus price-matching and rebate programs, your collision center customers will rest assured that they’re ordering the right parts, the first time — at the right price!


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The PartsBridge/PartsTrader integration, coupled with AutoQuote, supercharges the parts ordering process, reducing paperwork, and saving time, while ensuring faster, more accurate parts ordering. It’s a win-win for both you and the shop. “Because of the seamless integration of the two systems, the bond is even tighter between the body shops and us,” concludes Todd Garrett.

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