In a world teeming with cutting-edge marketing solutions, where businesses are racing to harness the power of technology, DENSO is taking a refreshingly timeless approach. Enter the “Feet on the Street” program—a new Lexus partnership that might just be the hidden gem in today’s marketing landscape. The program complements the industry’s digital practices by kindling personal engagement on behalf of Lexus dealers. Your DENSO partner will serve as the human touch for your wholesale business, representing your dealership and delivering in-person connection with Independent Repair Facility (IRF) prospects and customers.

Lexus has partnered with DENSO to bring the Feet on the Street program to you completely free of cost. The DENSO team of passionate business partners is positioned to assist you in driving Lexus Genuine Parts sales by raising awareness among IRFs in your PMA. Through one-on-one consulting, this flexible program adapts to the unique requirements of your dealership. Beginning with a customized strategic marketing plan, the process is designed to build the crucial bridge that seamlessly connects Dealers and repair facilities, fostering tailor-made relationships for success.

“We have found that Lexus dealers know their opportunities, but they struggle with getting the message out. They don’t fully understand the purchasing habits. A lot of independent repair shops are buying from the aftermarket because they don’t realize that the Lexus dealer can be more competitive. Everyone (IRFs and repair shops) wants the OE part—they want filet mignon; they just think it’s just not in the budget.”

Chris Iskander
Feet on the Street West Representative


For numerous Lexus dealers, venturing into the world of wholesale clients can be a challenging endeavor. However, that’s precisely where DENSO steps in to provide invaluable assistance.

  • Lexus Dealer expresses interest and contacts DSPM to participate in the program.
  • DENSO rep meets with dealership Parts Manager.
  • DENSO rep analyzes dealer’s current situation, including:
    • Current dealership wholesale parts metrics
    • Mechanical and Collision Partner Programs participation
    • utilization, including Lexus Genuine Parts Pricing Sales Sheet, Ready-to-Go Marketing ads, and the Dealer Ad Builder tool
  • DENSO rep meets with the Parts Manager to review opportunities and build a strategic plan to:
    • Identify target IRF prospects in dealer’s PMA
    • Identify IRF prospects currently enrolled in wholesale program(s) in which dealer participates
    • Determine which Partner Programs are popular among IRFs in dealer’s PMA and encourage participation
    • Leverage existing tools to promote Lexus Genuine Parts to target IRFs
  • DENSO rep visits target IRFs identified with the Lexus Dealer to discuss competitive Lexus pricing, easy ordering process, and timely deliveries of parts and body panels.
  • DENSO rep activity is reported to the dealer in Sales Force.
  • Dealer Parts Manager reviews in-person visit details and plans follow-up activity to secure these IRFs as wholesale customers.

“One key for success: Lexus Dealers should focus on their backyard and not try to drive 60 miles to deliver one bumper cover—if they just worry about ‘the everyone’ within 10 miles of their dealership (their PMA), they can provide an excellent level of service. The customers nowadays are looking for a high level of service—they want the parts to be delivered in a reasonable amount of time.”

Gary Price
Director Products and Services America


Gary Price, Director of Products and Services, DENSO America, stressed that an essential aspect of DENSO’s collaboration with Lexus Dealers is the meticulous assessment of their existing client accounts. Consider a scenario where a dealer believes they’ve secured a wholesale account, purchasing $50,000 worth of parts and assuming they’re the sole supplier. However, when a DENSO Representative visits this account, a startling revelation unfolds: the shop is actually procuring $100,000 worth of parts from an aftermarket source. What’s even more surprising is that, in some instances, they’re paying a higher price for the aftermarket part. This is an eye-opener for the Lexus Dealer and the IRF.


A Lexus Dealer’s Testimonial Sheds Light on the Effectiveness of the DENSO ‘Feet on the Street’ Program

“DENSO support has been instrumental in raising awareness and promoting the sale of our parts as we’re trying to onboard more mechanical shops. Mark Cook from DENSO visits the shops we need to connect with and communicates our value proposition. Then, he provides us with a follow-up sheet that includes details about the shops he visited, the individuals he spoke with, and the highlights of those conversations, which is a crucial reference point for our team. Following Mark’s visits, our dedicated wholesale specialist or I take charge of the follow-up process. We reach out to those shops that responded positively and express interest in our products and services. For those who haven’t responded, we arrange site visits to connect with them and showcase our offerings. And to show our appreciation and further nurture the relationships, we send branded thank-you gifts to the shops that begin purchasing from us. This thoughtful gesture helps solidify our connections and build long-lasting partnerships within the industry.”

Kimberly Robling, Parts Manager
Tom Wood Lexus
Indianapolis, IN


As Gary Price says, “All you have to do is raise your hand and ask for support. Someone from our team will visit your dealership, conduct an overview and then create a plan to support your efforts.”

DENSO’s “Feet on the Street” is an excellent way for Lexus dealers to identify their wholesale parts opportunities and then work with DENSO to call on those repair shops and IRFs to increase sales, creating a win-win for everyone!

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