RepairLink’s DeliverNow helps you sell more Lexus Genuine Parts by seamlessly connecting you to the largest established delivery fleet of crowd-sourced and insured vehicles in the US. You can use DeliverNow as your primary delivery service or to supplement your current services.

Right for My Dealership, Right for My Customers

If you’re new to the wholesale business or do not choose to hire your own delivery team at this time, DeliverNow can help you expand your ability to provide exceptional delivery service to Independent Repair Facilities (IRFs) in your Primary Market Area (PMA). And, depending on how you choose to tackle delivery fees, there’s almost no overhead!

Seasoned Lexus Wholesale Parts professionals can also reap the benefits of DeliverNow’s on-demand parts delivery service. Suppose your regular delivery driver is enroute to the northern section of your PMA and your hot-shot driver is making a delivery on the east side—a loyal shop to the south requests an immediate delivery. No driver? No problem! Use DeliverNow to dispatch that part on-demand, on-time!

How It Works

The RedCap technology engine powers DeliverNow setup and order management. RedCap partners with Uber, verifying that dependable, insured drivers deliver your Genuine Lexus Parts. Because DeliverNow is integrated into RepairLink, the user experience is seamless and easy. When finalizing an order, simply choose DeliverNow as the delivery option and the system will automatically request your Uber driver. No need to pay upfront—delivery charges will be included on your monthly OEC RepairLink subscription invoice.

DeliverNow makes tracking third-party deliveries easy. Transaction details are captured through RedCap reports, giving you complete transparency from order to delivery. These metrics include order entry date and time, Dealer contact, delivery fee, delivery status, and guest/shop name, as well as Repair Order number, VIN and vehicle.

Managing Delivery Fees

DeliverNow users have several options for handling delivery fees. Many Dealers directly pass on those costs to the client. Some Dealers negotiate shared costs, while others absorb delivery costs to make the sale. It is important to remember that crowd-source driver fees are variable and can more than double during peak traffic times.

“The key to making DeliverNow work for both our Dealership and our IRF clients is to avoid peak delivery times when fees are higher. Often, waiting a few hours can significantly reduce fees. Clear communication is paramount—be sure the dealer understands that a third-party service will deliver the order. Then, negotiate the fees based upon delivery time.”

-John Baker
Parts Manager, Lexus of Tulsa

When considering how your Dealership wants to manage delivery fees, consider what’s the best way to deliver the right part at the right time – at the right price. Here is a table of average delivery costs for reference:

Lexus does not subsidize DeliverNow delivery fees. It’s up to you to decide what works best for you and for your customers. Keep in mind these approaches:

  • Charge a fee to the IRF to compensate for the rush.
  • Split the cost with the IRF.
  • Internally charge the fee within the parts department

Get Started Now!

DeliverNow signup is easy! As a RepairLink Dealer, you will notice a “DeliverNow” tab within the OEC portal. Activate this feature by selecting the “Get Started Now” button. RedCap will receive your request and determine serviceability in your PMA. Once RedCap gives your Dealership the green light, you’re ready to use DeliverNow.

Select GET STARTED NOW to activate DeliverNow.

Once you activate DeliverNow, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that there’s:

  • No recurring subscription cost.
  • No sign-up cost.
  • No requirement to have a credit card on file.
  • No contractual obligations.

You are only charged when you choose to use the service.

Your mechanical repair wholesale guests know that they can rely on Lexus Wholesale Parts for unrivaled quality, reliability and fit. With DeliverNow on-demand delivery, you can ensure that they receive orders on-time and meet their commitments to their Lexus owners.

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